Jangubuzz has been driven by our desire to provide convenience when searching out events. We have created a fast, seamless and yet effective way to create, invite and attend events all within the reach of your fingertips. At home, out with friends, in school, at work, or on holiday, all you have to do, is search for nearby events tailored based on your moods or preferences - All in a buzz!

Coming soon to Google Play.

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Create and Manage Events

Create free or ticketed events of any scale, under any of our categories. Users can also collaborate on events with other users to help manage event.


Discover Personalized Events

Set your mood and preferred categories and our AI (artificial intelligence) will match & provide you with a wide range of events happening around you.


Invite Users Around the Event Location

Send buzz invitations to users within a specified geographical radius of your choice to reach intended audiences.


Buy and Sell Tickets for Events

Users can buy, sell and store tickets for ticketed events in-app. Tickets are user-generated and each ticket has a unique barcode. Hosts can review ticket sales and transactions in-app. Tickets can also be scanned at the door by event creator.